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Have you voted yet for the DrupalCon DC t-shirt design you want to win? A DrupalCon tradition is to give a t-shirt to every attendee, and you have a say in which shirt gets printed. So head on over to the t-shirt contest, pick which shirt you want, and cast your vote. Here's a look at the top submissions so far:

We've received some great submissions with designs ranging from alien to puns to patriotic, to name just a few. We'll be wrapping up the contest in the next few days, so hurry up and vote!

We really can't believe how fast the last few hundred tickets to DrupalCon DC went. This just shows how high the demand is for what look like they'll be great sessions.

I know this leaves some people who wanted to attend the conference without tickets. As many of you know, there is a ticket exchange forum going on over here, and we've already had a lot of success with people trading tickets with those who can no longer attend. 

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that we will have some extra tickets - we'll know by next Wednesday how many. If you're looking for an admission to DrupalCon DC, post a request in this need a ticket forum. We'll be contacting people from here - by time stamp - about available admissions.

I'm happy to announce eleven more winners of a scholarship to DrupalCon DC! Like our first round of scholars, these are a very talented bunch with experience patching core, writing module, doing UX design, and organizing Drupal meetups, among many other things. Many are students in high school, college, or graduate programs, and we have one web development teacher in the mix.

Congratulations to all our scholars! Look for them at DrupalCon DC.

Another big thanks to Károly Négyesi (aka chx) and Robert Douglass for reviewing the applications!

Wow, we can't believe it happened so fast - DrupalCon DC has sold out. On March 4, 1,300 people will be converging on Washington, DC to talk Drupal. We're excited : )

The good news for anyone who wanted to come but can't is that DrupalCon Europe isn't too far away. The next 'Con will take place late summer/early fall, and currently two cities - Paris and Maastricht, Netherlands Belgium - are battling it out for hosting duties. More information on that coming soon.

DrupalCon DC tickets have been going fast, and we're down to just 100 left. If you're planning to come and haven't purchased a ticket yet, do so now!

There's also a tentative schedule ready to review. The times and dates of these sessions are likely to change, but the sessions you see below will almost definitely be in the final program, albeit with some further merging and refining.

In all, 214 sessions were submitted and they ranged across many amazing topics. This is the most depth ever seen in session proposals for a DrupalCon, which is understandable as the Drupal project continues to mature and grow. Given the amount and quality of the session proposals, it was hard task for the session selection team to vet these and narrow them down to the 100 sessions that there's time for in the schedule. Sessions have been selected based on their importance to the entire community and the benefit each will have to be discussed on a higher level. Given that DrupalCon is a global event for a global community, folks felt this focus on decision making and learning was the best approach.

Getting excited yet? What do you think?