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Thanks for voting guys! You made this the official volunteer shirt for the conference!

Check out the high resolution here.

Like many people I registered, made arrangements, then came back to find tickets sold out. I am number 30 something in line for tickets that come available.... so I decided the Tshirt contest is the only way. Vote if you think it's the best.

Check out the high resolution here.


Is so hawt I think the shirt I am wearing just flew off.

Nice! I wonder how your coworkers feel about that....

gets my vote.



i wanna wear this shirt every day for the rest of my life. can i get a windbreaker with the same design so when its cold i can still look awesome!?

Yep, I'd wear this one too.

I didn't know the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building had root balls. What a fun fact.

That is a super sweet t-shirt. What a bad ass design!

Whoever designed this shirt must be the coolest guy EVER!

VOTE on this. it's the only shirt you would want to wear after the conference. The shirt winning (skull and crossbones) has nothing to do with washington dc...

so many obama refrences. its sick.

This t-shirt truly rocks. I love how it incorporates the DC setting without being patriotic, which is almost too easy. And you can't beat the geek cred of wearing a t-shirt for open source software that you went to a conference about AND that has an alienish being on it. Sweet.

Fun design. DIFFERENT!

Skull and cross bones? Bleck. Read the comments and someone check the votes!


This really is a funny design. I dig it!

It's too bad this shirt didn't win - I think if it had been around longer it would've won. But, there's more than one day in the week! Please consider selling this on CafePress - I would definitely buy it, but we need time to order it before the Con!

EDIT: Nevermind, found it!