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Why do I need to create a profile on this site?

All information about you for DrupalCon is held in your profile. That's why it's important for you to fill it out. We'll pull your full name for your conference badge from here, along with some other information to make meeting like-minded people easier.

Can I register more than one person at once?

Unfortunately, not really. Each person's profile holds all of their conference registration information, so we need each payment to go through a profile. That's how you're marked as paid. But, you can pay for many different people with the same credit card via PayPal, and you can make changes to a profile at any time, so there are some ways to more easily register several people at once.

Will I receive any registration materials in the mail?

Nope, no paper anyways. Once you pay for your ticket, you'll receive a receipt from PayPal and when you're logged into the DrupalCon profile, you'll see a box in the right hand corner that says "registered." We'll send you a few emails leading up to the conference, but that's it. Then when you sign in at DrupalCon, all you need to do is give your name.

Can I pay with a purchase order?

Sure. Just contact us and include the names of each person you want to register and links to their profiles on this site. We'll then send you an invoice and when we receive payment, mark each of you as paid.

Is DrupalCon good for newbies?

Yes, as long as it fits what you're looking for. DrupalCon is a chance to learn more about what can be done with Drupal, where modules are moving in the future, and to meet the people behind the modules you use. The showcase track will cater to newbies and show off excellent sites built with Drupal, explain what they do, and how the were built. There will also be some beginner and immediate level sessions in other tracks that focus more on development. We're also hoping to offer a training event the day before the conference starts to offer newbies a crash course, and we'll post more about that here once we work out the details.

Can I still become a sponsor of DrupalCon?

Yes! Check out the different packages here and contact us.

Can I still become an individual sponsor if I already registered?

Yes! Just shoot us a note with the email address associated with your PayPal account, and we'll request the extra $100 and make you an individual sponsor.

Will you release this site as an installer profile?

No, we do not have any plans to make an installer profile for the website. We made this decision because it would take a lot of additional work to do this, require a long term maintenance plan, and be difficult to abstract the theming out to a generic point that maintains the tight feel that makes the site what it is.

An installer profile would just ensure that all the right modules are there on install. In our opinion, there would then have to be a custom theme to ship to really make this worthwhile, and that theme would have to be flexible so people can add additional modules and customizations on their own - and it would need to be able to elegantly handle that. We would also need to abstract out a bit of custom code that helps nicely glue all the pieces together. The short is that this is a lot of work to do it right, and right now our energies are focused on other places with organizing DrupalCon.

What security method are you using for the transmission of payment data


Where are you located?

600 Water St. SW Unit 3-09
Washington, D.C 20024-5403

Do you sell Drupalcon merchandise (bags, jackets, etc.)?

No, we only sell tickets to Drupalcon.

Will you send me a hard copy of my ticket?

No, only online delivery is supported at this time. As such, there are also no export/customs issues with purchasing tickets.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds.

What currency are your prices in?

United States Dollars

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