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DrupalCon is the leading conference for Drupal developers and one of the most important open source technology events of the year. This year's event in Washington, DC will be the biggest ever, with more than 1,000 individuals expected to come from around the world. The conference - which happens twice a year, once in each hemisphere - is when the stakeholders in the platform, including developers, businesses, and users, come together to decide where Drupal is headed, learn from each other, and meet each other in person.

What's Drupal? Drupal is a very popular, open source content management system that powers websites for everyone from the White House to pop stars to newspapers to neighborhood community groups. In total, it now powers hundreds of thousands of websites and is maintained by a community of more than 300,000 open source developers. Many of the nonprofits, international development agencies, media organizations, and government agencies located in Washington, DC use it to power their online communications.