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LIFETIME is the leader in women's television and one of the top-rated basic cable television networks. A diverse, multi-media company, LIFETIME is committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families. LIFETIME Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women and Lifetime Digital (including are part of LIFETIME Entertainment Services, a 50/50 joint venture of Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company.

ParentsClick Network is a digital media technology company. Its popular flagship site, MothersClick(R) (, is the first social networking site and online service provider designed exclusively for active moms and their groups. The site introduced the world's first geo-mapping system to help moms locate existing mothers' groups in their local areas and globally. MothersClick provides the free tools and services for organizing and managing real-life moms' groups by improving member communications, planning for events and activities, such as playgroups and co-ops, and -- most of all -- the site helps maximize the value of moms' time spent online by tapping into collective wisdom: Asking questions and finding answers to the experiences of motherhood and parenting. ParentsClick Network also owns and operates For more information, visit .