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Wow, we can't believe it happened so fast - DrupalCon DC has sold out. On March 4, 1,300 people will be converging on Washington, DC to talk Drupal. We're excited : )

The good news for anyone who wanted to come but can't is that DrupalCon Europe isn't too far away. The next 'Con will take place late summer/early fall, and currently two cities - Paris and Maastricht, Netherlands Belgium - are battling it out for hosting duties. More information on that coming soon.


I am just getting acquainted with Drupal and would love to attend DrupalCon. Unfortunately I found out about it too late, and now the show is sold out. Will any of the keynotes, presentation materials or other resources be available online? I would love to get access to this great material, even if it were just online and not in person.

I need two tickets if there are any cancelations.

You can go post over here that you're looking for a ticket. A lot of people have been able to transfer their tickets here with others who can no longer make DrupalCon, plus we'll be using it as our de facto waiting list if any tickets open up.


I'm in the same boat of folks waiting for work approval. If there's a waiting list or anything set up I'd love to be added to it.

Sorry to hear that you couldn't get a ticket in time! We recommend that you check out this forum and post that you're looking for a ticket. This is our waiting list, and we'll in touch with people who've posted here if any tickets open up.

Dear Organizers,

Considering the numbers of people still waiting for tickets and the inevitable cancellations/no-shows for any number of reasons, a reserve or pay in-advance wait list might be the best way to smoothly accommodate the transfer of tickets and monies. (I suspect it would also go a long way toward minimizing scalping (grossly inflating the price of a ticket for those who are eager to attend). And it seems a few of us didn't realize there was a deadline for purchasing tickets or that the available number of tickets was already so close to being reached. I realize it's a good deal of extra work on your part and appreciate anything you can do to facilitate the process. If I were already an accomplished Drupal developer, I would create the Plug-In myself. :-)

Thanks, in advance, for anything you can do to help with this situation.

Reggie Garrison
University of Pennsylvania

I have been waiting on my job to pay for Drupalcon DC, i had never imagined it was going to get full. That was foolish. Please if anyone wants to sell contact me at To the organizers please generate a waiting list, i wish to be on the waiting list.


I hadn't hit the "pay" button yet - not seeing anywhere that there was any deadline for paying (as opposed to registereing which is what I had done.
So I got my company to buy me airfare first - and now I have the air tickets from London - but no conference to go to!
Now what?

Were any tickets held back for session presenters? I haven't received any sort of official notification that I'm speaking, but I see today that one my sessions is listed at

I'm hoping that someone thought ahead and reserved a few tickets.

All presenters will be able to buy tickets still.

Is it too late to submit a session proposal :) What about sponsor packages with free admissions included - are those still open?


I just got company approval today to get my airline tickets and sign up - any other alternatives?

This is great news!

Mind you though, Maastricht is in the Netherlands, close to Belgium but not part of it.

Yes, please let us know if there are plans for a wait list and how to get on it.

We're discussing the idea of a wait list, and in the meantime have started a forum for people to transfer tickets (we know some people can't use theirs and that some people couldn't get one), The reality is that 1,300 people is a lot of people. It's a conference population number that has some very interesting effects that we all need to think about as a community. A lot of work is going into making sure that as the demand for the conference grows, the event stays intimate, roots focused, and affordable. I am very interested to see if we can pull this off. This is a factor of 10 times larger than my first DrupalCon in Vancouver, but we are doing everything to make sure that it will feel just as close and personal. We just will need a police escort when doing our bar crawl : )

Oh god, some hope would be good, I've been left without tickets! arrrghh!

Is there any interest in doing a side conference, bar camp style in DC for those who couldn't get tickets?
There'd be quite a bit of organization to do but this may be one way to handle the overflow...


I'm relocating from China to the US and only recently have been able to confirm that I was going to be able to attend. I saw the announcement that DrupalCon DC had 100 tickets left in my RSS reader but when I visited the link, the DrupalCon DC site was offline. I went to sleep and now the tickets are sold out? Is there any way of still obtaining a ticket for someone with special circumstances? Looking to attend my first DrupalCon after 4 years in China...if anyone is able to help please email jeff at qoolio dot org.

or a forum set up for people to transfer registrations?

Great suggestion! I set up a forum to transfer tickets - Thanks Dave!