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What does Lullabot do and how do you work with Drupal?

Lullabot is Drupal’s leading consulting, architecture, and education company. 

We offer customized on-site trainings, educational DVDs, and have trained hundreds of Drupal developers through our workshops around the country. We produce the #1 Drupal podcast, and offer a huge variety of free articles and information through our website. We are the author’s of the O’Reilly Drupal book, “Using Drupal” (now in it’s third printing),  and have employed both authors of “Pro Drupal Development”, an Amazon top 100 book. We also produce “Do It With Drupal”, a large-scale curated educational event (look for the second installment of this great event in fall ’09).

Our happy clients include Sony Music, Inc Magazine, Stanford University, Fast Company Magazine, Harvard University, The BBC, Washington Post, MTV UK, The New American Foundation, The George Lucas Educational Foundation, and many more. 

How did you first get involved in Drupal development?

Lullabot has been kicking ass in Drupal for three years. We employ such Drupal luminaries as Angela Byron (webchick), co-maintainer of Drupal 7 and Addison Berry (add1sun), Drupal Documentation team lead. Lullabot’s Nate Haug (quicksketch) wrote Drupal’s drag and drop functionality and is the leading JavaScript developer for core, Jeff Eaton (eaton) is one of the primary contributors to FormAPI and Drupal’s internal rendering system, and is a prolific developer of new Drupal modules, and James Walker (walkah) Drupal’s resident identity and OpenID expert.  

What type of projects/work do you specialize in?

We are the most experienced Drupal training company on the planet. We also offer a variety of expert services including technical architecture, performance optimization, developer support and guidance, code review, security audits, and much more. 

What are you most looking forward to at DrupalCon DC?

We’re all looking forward to connecting with our old Drupal pals, and meeting all the new friends we didn’t know we had yet. We’re also on the lookout for high-quality development partners, as our top tier clients are always looking for help.