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Lullabot is a professional consulting and education company focusing on Drupal. We conduct sold-out workshops around the globe, work on some of the top Drupal sites, and wrote the O'Reilly Using Drupal book. We produce the top Drupal podcast, recently launched our training DVDs, created the Do It With Drupal seminar, and are all around passionate about what we do.

We have taught literally thousands of people Drupal over the past three years through our workshops, seminars, on-site trainings, DVDs, books, podcasts, articles, and sessions at every DrupalCon since its inception.

Our current and past clients include SonyBMG, IBM, Lifetime Television, FastCompany, MTV UK, Harvard University, the BBC, Washington Post / Newsweek Interactive, and many more.

We offer site architecture, high-level consultation, and educational services. Our people include John VanDyk & Matt Westgate, co-authors of Pro Drupal Development, Angie Byron ("webchick"), the co-maintainer for Drupal 7, Addison Berry, the documentation team lead for Drupal, and four members of the Drupal Association.