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We just awarded scholarships to DrupalCon DC to 14 excellent members of the community - congratulations to you all! These scholars are talented developers and active community members, and help out with the Drupal community in many different ways. They maintain modules, patch core, organize Drupal meetups, help with documentation and IRC support, and run usability tests. Some have participated in GHOP and Google Summer of Code, and some are using Drupal at nonprofits to improve worldwide health care and create better and less bureaucratic systems within their organizations. Many are students from colleges like Syracuse University, University of Baltimore, University of British Columbia, and University of Nebraska, and a couple are high school students. We're excited to see you all in March.

We'll be giving out several more scholarships, so if you've applied and weren't picked in the first round, there's still a chance. And if you haven't yet applied, hurry up and submit your application! The deadline is Friday, January 23.

Scholarship Winners:

A big thanks to Robert Douglass and Károly Négyesi (aka chx) for reviewing the applications!


Thanks very very much for the scholarship!

BTW, I'm a middle school student :-)

Thanks a lot for this great scholarship! I am looking forward to meeting you all in DC :D Too bad it's too late to propose a session :(

Many many many thanks!

Thanks to the DrupalCon organization for doing these sponsorships and thanks to Robert and Károly for picking me! :) I'm excited to see familiar faces again and of course to meet new people! :)

I blogged about this: "FOSDEM, DrupalCon DC and more!".

See you all in DC!

Yea... it's so exciting to have been choosen... I am so happy. Thank you Drupal!

And... Wim... happy belated birthday... you know whats funny? I too celebrated my birthday a few days ago... turned 21 on the 18th! We should share some cold ones in DC!

Congratulations to all the Drupal scholarship award winners!