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Wim Leers
Wim Leers

Wim Leers studies Computer Science at the University of Hasselt, Belgium. He got involved with Drupal more than 2 years ago and has created numerous modules (e.g. Money CCK field, Views Saved Searches, AHAH helper, etc.) and helped with others (e.g. first version of Mini Panels). He's probably most known for his Hierarchical Select module and his article on improving Drupal's page loading performance.
He's also doing his bachelor thesis on Drupal (also titled "Improving Drupal's page loading performance"), which will focus on integrating Drupal with other CDNs. He has successfully presented about this at FOSDEM and will do a more detailed presentation here at DrupalCon DC.
Wim works as a developer for Mollom and freelances in the sparse remaining time.

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