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Shirt Front
A comment bubble inspired by the DrupalCon 2009 logo. The text is a play on the classic Drupal comment language--Login or Register to...

Shirt Back
The DrupalCon logo with the year 2009

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Clever! Nice use of color. Very clean.

Nice, professional design.

Confused Me

I opened this shirt in a new tab. That tab then took the title "Login or Regi..." This led me to think, now I just logged in how's that possible? Took me a few minutes to bring it all together!

Perhaps that made the joke that much more humorous, but thanks for the laugh! :-)

not so much into the "login or register" text, but I like the simple drupalcon text and the incorporation of DC's flag, nice work!

This got my vote, for sure. It's the most appealing to look at, the one I'd be most inclined to wear. Simple, clean, and best of luck to you!


Those are some brilliant t-shirts.



good description of the details. Thank you for sharing
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