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Have you filled out your profile yet for DrupalCon DC? All of your conference registration information is stored in your profile, so having a filled out profile means that you’ll sail through registration, be handed a name tag with all of your information pre-printed in it, and go right into the conference. The experience will be significantly different if you don’t have a profile filled out – with longer lines and longer waits and your registration is tracked down and a name tag created manually.

So take a minute now to make sure your profile is complete. It will take two minutes or less:

1. Login to your account at

2. Click on the “edit your profile” link at the very top of the page.

3. Make sure your profile includes your full name, Drupal handle, and company.

That’s it! You just saved yourself time hassle when you get to DrupalCon DC.

See you in a week!

The DrupalCon DC website has been listed as one of 40 beautiful and well integrated illustrated web designs by Smashing Magazine. What an honor! We are very excited to be named to this list and to be listed among such great company. It's certainly worth looking at the other 39 designs on this list to see some very creative and unique website designs.

DrupalCon Makes Smashing Magazines

Thank you DC! First off I would like to thank the DC/DC coordinators for taking this idea up that some of us have been talking about a ton of times. Reconizing the social aspect of this “Drupal thingie” – that get us geeks (and nerds) like to leave the safe havens of the text editors warm code and go out into the big and scary world and actually meet that ‘username’. I still think that Druplicon is wicked, and even hotter than my girlfriend (sorry babe). 

Over the last couple of DrupalCon’s this need to actually see each other IRL and not only to talk node, term, formapi, zen, and the bigger meaning of 960px but also hang out, has taken on a life of its own (or is it just because Drupal geeks are generally more thirsty?) The high point in Szegred was when the Drupalers walked as a monster through the city and dried up bar after bar (yup happened more than one night).

Of course this we can’t have yet again! We need a bit of coordination – and somehow the good people of DC thought it would be nice to fly a Dane into the city to make sure everything is gonna go completely ballistic. I thank you for the vote of confidence – I’m getting in eight days before to check it all out. How’s that for drupal love ;)

So the idea is this: The King of Parties (that’s me – yup I can be king of more than one place) is gonna make sure that we’re not gonna end up drying out one part of the city and in the other end an awesome drupal shop is holding a huuuuge party with only 15 geeks in it.

If you know that you’re gonna throw a party or some kind of social event drop me a mail and I’ll make sure that the court jester approves of it, and we can make sure that everyone knows about your party / gathering / event.

At this point the two days that we’re looking at for parties is Thursday and Friday (and Saturday?). We’re 1300+ Drupal geeks in town, so how bout a bar crawl? Or themers, coders, designer, users, newbees  based partys? *This is where you put your idea in and send it ;) Keep reading for party info….

Starting just last month, the United States is now requiring international visitors – specifically those from countries that are part of the visa waiver program – to fill out this online form at least three days before getting on a plane to come to the United States. Once you fill out the form, it’s good for two years and for multiple trips, so why not fill it out right now?

You can read more about this change here and here. Please help us spread the word about this to everyone who’s coming from abroad. Not sure if this affects you? See if your country is part of the visa waiver program. Please note that we’ve been told Canadians are exempt from this requirement, but it’s worth double checking on that.

The final schedule for DrupalCon DC is published! Check it out and start planning which sessions you’ll attend. More than 100 sessions made it into the final schedule, covering a wide range of topics and seven tracks in all.

We’ll also have lots of space for birds of a feather sessions – six rooms in all. So if there’s a topic that you’d like to talk about – or see talked about – that’s not on the final schedule please post about it in the BoF forum and consider running a BoF session.