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Thank you DC! First off I would like to thank the DC/DC coordinators for taking this idea up that some of us have been talking about a ton of times. Reconizing the social aspect of this “Drupal thingie” – that get us geeks (and nerds) like to leave the safe havens of the text editors warm code and go out into the big and scary world and actually meet that ‘username’. I still think that Druplicon is wicked, and even hotter than my girlfriend (sorry babe). 

Over the last couple of DrupalCon’s this need to actually see each other IRL and not only to talk node, term, formapi, zen, and the bigger meaning of 960px but also hang out, has taken on a life of its own (or is it just because Drupal geeks are generally more thirsty?) The high point in Szegred was when the Drupalers walked as a monster through the city and dried up bar after bar (yup happened more than one night).

Of course this we can’t have yet again! We need a bit of coordination – and somehow the good people of DC thought it would be nice to fly a Dane into the city to make sure everything is gonna go completely ballistic. I thank you for the vote of confidence – I’m getting in eight days before to check it all out. How’s that for drupal love ;)

So the idea is this: The King of Parties (that’s me – yup I can be king of more than one place) is gonna make sure that we’re not gonna end up drying out one part of the city and in the other end an awesome drupal shop is holding a huuuuge party with only 15 geeks in it.

If you know that you’re gonna throw a party or some kind of social event drop me a mail and I’ll make sure that the court jester approves of it, and we can make sure that everyone knows about your party / gathering / event.

At this point the two days that we’re looking at for parties is Thursday and Friday (and Saturday?). We’re 1300+ Drupal geeks in town, so how bout a bar crawl? Or themers, coders, designer, users, newbees  based partys? *This is where you put your idea in and send it ;) Keep reading for party info….

Hey I’m not an alchoholic / under 21 /  I just wanna get my geek on…

So this is not meant that every night we’re gonna get as pissed as possible. and if you’re not into that then ha! screw you! It’s not everyone in our lovely community that drinks alcohol (I so understand you the morning after!), and some are under 21 (come to drupalcamp in denmark in may 2009 ), and some just wanna geek out with cool drupalers or or don’t see the fun in standing in a bar until the first session the next morning. 

The King and the whole Court will demand (! ... hmm can we do that? thinking ) that other social activities will take place! It would be really nice to hear from the Boardgamers and see if we could get a night or two up and running.

The Map

The big meetup map, please add stuff to it :)

Tuesday – Pre Con Signup

  • Bar: Pre ‘Con meetup at RFD (a trillion different beers )

  • Hockey! – blood on the ice baby!

  7:00  the Capitals –  Carolina Hurricanes

Wednesday – Getting in to the DC/DC love

  • BIG kick off party, hosted by Development Seed, everyone welcome (working on something for the under 21ers), details coming…

Thursday – the 1,000 (wo)man (foo)Bar crawl #1 

  • Überdinner – Ethiopian.

  Hang out with the übercart geeks

  • Drupal Mayhem party 

  Chapter LLC (at Asylum)

  • Phase 2/Blackmesh party

Clyde’s in Chinatown

Friday – The 1000 (wo)man (foo)Bar crawl #2 

  • Warehouse party hosted by EchoDitto (rumored to have a drink inspired by the Drupalicon)


Code all day… party all night?

Want to organize a party? Let me know.


There are at least 2 of us that have birthdays during the 'con. Shaun Haber of Warner Brothers and myself Steve Rude of DivX share the same wonderful birthday of March 4th! So make sure to say hi / buy a drink / bring presents ;)

I'm getting really excited to see you all.... Time to get down and dirty with Drupal and celebrate!


i guess we have to find some cake - and a cape for the amazing mr Rude ;)

I will give you a shout when I land monday... I'm pretty sure I will get thirsty after a long flight.

Ohhh Morten aka King of Denmark, remember you have some theming to do monday and tuesday :o)

Good stuff!

We're flying in the weekend before, so if you need help trying out some bars, or if you just feel like practicing your Swedish a little bit before all the madness begins, I'll be at your service!

c u in dc!