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Along with the great sessions, conversations, and people, DrupalCons are known for the amazing parties. DrupalCon DC will be no exception to this. To ensure that there are ample party/after hour opportunities all week long, we decided to anoint a King of Parties to oversee all merriment. The King will coordinate the events with the community, give updates on what's planned, and use his throne to spread the word far and wide.

Being that this is such a crucial role to the success of DrupalCon DC, we thought long and hard about the decision and made it based on many factors, such as knowledge, experience, and creativity in partying. In the end, there was a clear winner.

The King of Denmark will be the King of Parties for DrupalCon DC. We'll all have a blast.

So far there are parties planned for Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and details on both are coming soon. If you'd like to organize and host a party at DrupalCon, plan for it to be on Thursday or Friday evening and post it in the comments here so Morten can get in touch with you and coordinate on the details. The King will then post back here and elsewhere with information on all that's happening after hours during DrupalCon DC.


Let's not neglect the U-Street corridor! Great restaurants there too ( - personal favorite, sala thai (one of the best thai restaurants I've been to in md/va/dc area), Dukem!! [best ethiopian])...and we can all storm Development Seed's office :-)

RT @gregslistdc: #DrupalCon DC attendees who show up in town a day early will be able to attend a complimentary tequila tasting -

Great choice! Morten, we're all looking forward to what crazyness you have in store for us and of course it will be legen... wait for it... dary.

Chapter Three will be hosting a party on Thursday night at Asylum in Adams Morgan (map, yelp) for our friends, clients, and the many fans and followers of Drupal. We should have the place to ourselves, will be liberally handing out drinks to the cute and contributing, and will be serving platter after platter of brunch type foods. More details will be posted online and an invitation will be available with registration.

Presumably the brunch foods include things you can eat so I don't have to be constantly screening them for cheese like I did the last time we partied. :P

That's right!

Vegan options will be provided.

There may also be some semi-competitive virtual bikeracing.


Glorious shot of Drumm.

Oh god...

I remember being there when that picture was taken. Party animals beware! Morton is picky about his bars... ;-)

Ahh, good news. I've been waiting to figure out when the Uberdinner should be... I'm guessing Thursday night. Morten, we've got an Ethiopian place picked out in Adams Morgan, and Andy's gonna call about reserving the restaurant. We'll post back with capacity so we can fill it up with Drupallers. It'll be a buy your own dinner affair, ideally split up by table... will have to check with the restaurant tomorrow about that.

A little nervous, though... if Morten isn't at the Uberdinner, I might not be either... ; )


Last year's Ethiopian dinner in Boston was a lot of fun. Hope to catch it again! Hoping to learn which parts of Ubercart for Drupal 6 functionality are now safe enough to go live with.

Will be happy to see you there and give you the low-down on the current status... short version, as far as we know, it's all safe to go live. But that's a discussion for another time/thread. : P

I will see you guys there!