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Christopher Pelham

Christopher Pelham is Founder & Director of Dharma Road Productions (d/b/a "Center for Remembering & Sharing") as well as Director of CRS. The marriage of these two roles and organizations have miraculously wedded the two enduring interests of Christopher's life, healing & art. Actually, he now sees them as having one and the same purpose, to raise the level of consciousness of the participants, audience and community, and to be accomplished in largely the same way: by remembering one's true spiritual self, by allowing one's self to be guided by one's inner teacher, and by sharing the resulting message via one's unique gifts. As part of his responsibilities at CRS & Dharma Road, he curates and produces a performance series of emerging and established, avant-garde and international movement artists. Since he began producing in 1997, he has had the privilege of presenting dozens and dozens of wonderful artists from all over the world.

Christopher has worked with all of the other Dharma artists as a performer, writer/collaborator, producer, and/or videographer. He studied theatre and 20th century/post-colonial literature at Duke University. After a semester studying American Lit in the graduate English program at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Chris returned to the theatre to play the role of the Policeman in Rodrigo Dorfman's production of Fassbinder's Blood on the Cat's Neck. He then appeared for four seasons with the Hip Pocket Theatre in productions at Duke University and at the Hip Pocket's idyllic Oak Acres Amphitheatre in Fort Worth, Texas, appearing in a number of world premieres including Dabloids by Leonid Tishkov, and creating the role of the Snoid in Robert Crumb's R. Crumb Comix III.

Since 1995 he has lived and worked in NYC where he has studied The Spiritual Psychology of Acting with John Osborne Hughes and improvisation with the late Gloria Maddox, who first introduced Chris to the idea of undertaking a spiritual path, and then with her student David Matthew Prior. As a member of MadWomanoftheWoods Productions, he co-produced five Off Off Broadway productions and performed in and helped to create Antigone Through Time and An Absolute Mystery. Antigone Through Time was the first production of the New York International Fringe Festival to be reviewed by the New York Times. The show was created from the poems and stories of the many Greek women who were imprisoned, some for decades, and executed on secret island concentration camps by the Greek fascist government following WWII. MadWoman also presented a staged reading of Christopher's play American Spirits at the Miranda Theatre in 2000. With Lake Simons and Herald Lehmann, he performed in and helped to create The Nose, Two and Two, and Imagining Cain in the American Living Room Series at HERE.

He studied dance for nine years at Dance Space Center with teachers such as Guido Tuveri, Jana Hicks, Rachel Feinerman, Diane McCarthy, Beth Goheen, and Sara Neece, and has performed in several dance theatre works by Guido Tuveri, Mark Drahozal, Gitte Bastiansen, and Nana Masuda.

From a young age, Christopher immersed himself in the study of various Utopian and Marxist texts and philosophies. While attending Harvard Summer School in 1986, he took a class in "Revolution & Society" and participated in various public participatory art projects in Harvard Square led by artist/writer/computer scientist Richard Gardner, who had lived for a time at the art commune outside Vienna founded by Actionist artist Otto Muehl. These two experiences and his later residency during his undergraduate years at Duke University in Epworth/SHARE (Student Housing for Academic and Residential Experimentation), fostered his commitment to the exploration and development of creative communities.

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