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We've had some time now to look over the wonderful sessions on the Drupalcon schedule. One thing that I noticed was that there were many more proposed Design and Usability sessions than could fit on the schedule. But there's good news!

With Drupalcon's BOF Sessions (Birds of a Feather), we can have more!

The scheduled Design+Usability sessions will run exclusively on Wednesday all day and Thursday afternoon, so I'm organizing a BoF track of D+U sessions that will run in the time gaps in between (Thursday morning and Friday all day).

These sessions will include great Design and Usability mavens from the Drupal Community, including:

The sessions above will be more than just your average BOF meetups - they will be full-blown presentations. And they will be just as awesome as the scheduled Design + Usability sessions. Since this is a BOF track, the final schedule will be available on the BOF board next to the on-site registration. So don't plan your full schedule until you arrive at Drupalcon DC; because there's more to come!

I will be posting session updates and interesting Design and Usability info on Twitter @moreDCDC.