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DrupalCon DC will hit the news stands in the March issue of the Linux Journal magazine. We're happy to announce that Linux Journal has thrown their support behind DrupalCon and has given the conference a full page ad in its magazine, along with an ad on their website. Here's a look at the ad that will be in the magazine:


Many thanks to Jonathan Talbot for making this happen!


subject says it all.. nice, very nice.

Yay! It looks fantastic. Congrats!


I'll be watching for that when my Linux Journal arrives! Sure looks pretty.

Great add and great work getting it in Linux Journal. Congrats Bonnie and the Devseed team!

Cool advert! I can't wait to see it in ink!

Great looking ad! The Linux Journal peeps are great supporters of Drupal. Thanks to them!


Is this the first sign of the schedule? When are more details coming out?

More details and a final schedule will be coming soon! Hopefully, in just a couple weeks. We'll spread the word far and wide once we have it.