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If you’re in town on Tuesday, come register for DrupalCon early. Registration opens on Tuesday at 4:00 and runs until 6:30 pm. Come early to get checked in, meet up with everyone, get your swag, and then head out for the pre-conference party together. There are 1,300+ people coming to the conference, and if most of them show up for registration on Wednesday morning, you’ll be particularly glad you came on Tuesday.

When you get to the Convention Center, the main entrance is straight across the building from the main streent entrace and 7th and L Streets, and it’s really close to the entrance from the Metro if you’re taking the train.

Registration will go until 6:30 pm, and everyone who’s in town on Tuesday will be meeting up at the Convention Center at 6:30 pm to walk over to RFD for the pre-party. So come early, get prepped for a great week, and hang out after with all the die-hard DrupalCon early birds.