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If you’re planning to Tweet about DrupalCon, post photos from the event to Flickr, or (verb) on (random web service), we should all get on the same page with what tags to use. The more coordinated we are, the better off we’ll be for seeing what’s actually going on and finding related content someday down the road. It will be great to see DrupalCon trending on Twitter too if we do this right. ;)

So, toward that end, we want to make an effort to at least use a couple standard tags. Here’s what’s been decided:

  • #drupalcon for Twitter. It already has solid use and it’s not as long as #drupalcondc2009 — after all, you’ve only got 140 characters.
  • “drupalcondc2009” on Flickr, and “drupalcon” as well if you want to use it. This will let users in the future sort on all the images from just this event, and if you use “drupalcon” as well, it will let us see all the images from past DrupalCon’s. For sure though, use “drupalcondc2009” so that everyone can find your images for just this event.

Same logic applies to other services — let’s stick to these two tags wherever we can and get the most mileage we can out of these services. Also, if you’re not following yet, @DrupalCon is about to get really active on Twitter, and Flickr user a-barth is going to be in town this weekend taking pictures already.