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The last day to submit sessions proposals for DrupalCon DC will be December 10th, so if you'd like to present but haven't yet submitted your idea, please submit your session in the next three weeks.

There's been an amazing turnout for sessions proposals - 98 sessions have been submitted so far and touch on a great variety of topics. In the weeks after the deadline, we'll work with a volunteer committee (more on the to come) to go through the proposals - and in conjunction with the votes each has received - select the best sessions for each track, merge ones that overlap, and ensure that each track has good depth and representation.

In January, we'll post the final schedule online. We know many of you need to show your boss an official schedule before registering and many are anxious to see a final schedule so you can plan ahead and make sure you get the most out of DrupalCon, so we'll get the final schedule posted well before DrupalCon. If you have a last minute session idea, we have plenty of space for BoF sessions which will be scheduled on the fly.