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Congratulations Jonny Dover! You just won a free ticket to DrupalCon DC : ) We just drew the first of two DrupalCon DC admission tickets we're raffling off to people who swag their site with a DrupalCon badge. We'll raffle off the second ticket next week, so there's still a chance you can win - just put a badge up on your site!

To keep the raffle fair we wrote a Python script to do the selecting for us. The DrupalCon DC site tracks which sites are swagged with a banner, and we exported that into a CSV file. The script first loads the CSV file, counts how many records it has, builds a list of all the records, and then selects an entry by choosing a random number within the range of rows in the list. The random number that's selected becomes the list index and pulls the winning site from the list. And that's how we got to Jonny.

A big thanks to the whopping 337 websites that are showing off a DrupalCon DC badge!