This site is archived. is a Chicago-based firm that has developed a full range of custom interactive Web sites, database applications, and software. Our goal is to change the way people share information by employing new media technologies that empower and enable end-users through seamless, highly functional interactive experiences.

We have developed Drupal-based sites for a wide variety of clients, including colleges and universities, museums, non-profit and professional organizations, design agencies, and corporations. Palantir collaborates with project managers, graphic designers, marketers and executive directors to focus on the needs of their audiences.

We understand that Web site development can be especially complex. Information, site architecture and technology need to be seamlessly integrated into an interface that provides a great user experience. We believe that a Web site must be easy to use and manage. It must be built on a solid architecture that conveys content in a clear and concise manner. It must have an engaging interface that is consistent with your personality and promise. The technology solution must be flexible, adaptable and realistic. That is why we choose Drupal and are excited to be a part of DrupalCon DC!