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Lullabot's Managing Partner, Liza Kindred, will deftly apply the technical tenants of Open Source philosophy into realistic ways for businesses to become more open and successful.


Liza Kindred


  • Quick intro to Open Source
  • Overview of the tenants of Open Source
  • Ways each individual tenant is applicable to business
  • Examples of Open Source Business Models
  • Q&A

The Open Source Initiative says that “Open Source is a way for people to collaborate on software without being encumbered by the problems of intellectual property.” Liza says that Open Source is also a way for businesses to espouse the qualities of openness and collaboration and harness them into successful, modern business models.

The very first tenant of Open Source talks about 'Free Redistribution', and it is this free distribution of ideas that is imperative to companies that want to grow in today's intellectual marketplace.

Come learn how Lullabot applies these ideas, and how you can learn from the very code we work with to become more "Open Source" in your business model. We all know that proprietary software is a thing of the past; come learn why closed business models are on their way out as well.


Just a desire to think and learn!


Liza Kindred is Lullabot's Managing Partner, where she turns free software into jobs.