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There are nearly 3,000,000 search results from Google for the phrase "Open Source CMS Comparison." So, what are the important features people want? How do Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress stack up? How does "community" factor into powering innovation and deployment and what governance, work processes, and cultural differences exist? How is a competitive spirit helpful and where might strengthening collaboration between projects result in better software?


Hagen Graf
Christine Graf


The presentation will begin with a discussion of who is using OSCMS solutions and what they are looking for.

A matrix of desirable features and an evaluation of how Drupal, Joomla!, and WordPress measure up will be shared, along with an overall critique of the strengths and areas for growth for each project.

Community engagement, work practices, and cultural differences will be highlighted with analysis of possible impact.

Finally, the presentation will conclude with a look at how inter-project competition and collaboration can help and potentially harm the project.


Attendees will develop a deeper understanding for the excellent work produced by each of these three communities, along with ideas for improvement; in addition to a stronger appreciation of the broader open source community and how collaboration beyond project boundaries could be helpful to all.

Presented by Hagen Graf, Christine Graf and Amy Stephen


I like what you write: "Finally, the presentation will conclude with a look at how inter-project competition and collaboration ...."

It remembers me when I googled "content management" and "open source". (I landed on, resulting in several hundreds of cms's).
Remembers me to:
- SAP or Baan (remember these dutch brothers? doing the ERP at Boeing)?
- Displaywrite or WordPerfect?
- WordPerfect or Word?
September 2006 I went to Barcamp Bruxelles, after Drupalcon Bruxelles, sometimes is keeps on going:
- Joomla or Drupal?

I like you heading for collaboration.
Pity I will not join you in DC, due to other plans.
Lots of fun, and collaboration!