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Drupal's modular nature can be a double-edged sword. With so much possible, part of the challenge is to stay focused on what is appropriate.
What process will give your team the opportunity to make the best choices, stay on target, and deliver the best possible results? This session will cover best practices in managing your next Drupal project and the process developed and refined by Gorton Studios to build great Drupal websites.


Drew Gorton


  • Managing an Effective Process
  • Plan, Design, Develop, Verify, Train, Support - how do they fit together?
  • Plan - what constitutes a solid plan?
  • Design - how do you keep it grounded in business goals and not boxed-in by systems?
  • Development - how and when do you start building?
  • Verify - what does it take to keep quality high?
  • Train - how will your admins and users make the site a success?
  • Support - how can you keep your clients happy and successful over the long-term?


Attending this session should give you a solid understanding for the Drupal process Gorton Studios has developed and an ability to pick it up, modify and improve it for your own needs. Anyone considering a Drupal project in the future should find value in both the strategy and tactics covered.


Drew Gorton

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Thanks all for your patience (and especially thanks to Margaux for posting the DIWD link and helping fill the gap). Sorry for the delay in getting this shared - they're now attached as a PDF to this node.

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I've posted the writeup at - finally finished!
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I'll be posting the writeup soon and will both add a link and comment when it's in, up, ready and publicly available on d.o.

Thanks again all for a great session - I enjoyed sharing what we've found to work and hope that doing so will help make us all better. Let's keep the conversation alive and moving forward:
- Comment on the writeup
- Blog your own process & insights
- Use to discuss further
- Announce it all using #drupalprocess on twitter and the g.d.o. Project Management group


This doesn't seem to be exactly the same, but close:

In particular I miss the slide where he showed the content type document, listing the fields in each content type, along with the various views where and how it would be displayed.

I remember Drew is on vacation now, but maybe when he gets back he will be able to share a separate PDF of that (and/or an updated version of the slides)?

Was there a link for the slide show that I missed?