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It's the worst-kept dirty little secret of Drupal...large entities are still wary of using it for critical sites. Stability, security and scalability fears drive them to more expensive proprietary systems. But are these fears founded? And what is sacrificed by using proprietary platforms? Most importantly, how do you know if Drupal is right for you?

Mike Caccavano and Matt Westgate look at the pros & cons of Drupal for enterprise-level sites and address some of the most common concerns.


Michael Caccavano

As Drupal "grows up," it has become an extremely powerful platform for developing versatile, feature-packed sites. While a number of well-known enterprise-level organizations have chosen Drupal as their platform, much of the corporate world still views Drupal as a young, high-risk technology. Our experience, and that of many other agencies and agency clients, shows otherwise.


The applicability of Drupal as an enterprise-level CMS will be discussed in the following topics:

  • A perfect pairing - Why Drupal and enterprise-level organizations are good for each other
  • Who's taken the leap - A quick look at some current high-volume enterprise-level Drupal sites
  • Why we do it - Why we and other agencies, recommend Drupal for most of our large clients
  • Why they did it - What factored into client decisions to use Drupal
  • But... - What the common concerns are, where they come from, and how to address them
  • The fun stuff - Really cool things organizations should know about Drupal

The session is geared toward agencies hoping to better address the concerns of enterprise-level clients, and members of large companies considering whether Drupal is appropriate for their sites.


Provide an understanding of:

  • What makes Drupal great for enterprise sites
  • What factors and concerns affect enterprise Drupal decisions
  • How to address those concerns

Go Mike Go! Definitely a presentation I'll be attending. :-)