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We all know people who really should be into Drupal (why, that’s everyone!), but who still just don’t have a clue. Chapter Three is hosting a brief, lively, and tasty session for the general public at DrupalCon DC to introduce these people to Drupal and to our community. A thousand plus Drupal developers convening is bound to spark some interest – “what is this Drupal thing, and who are all these people building it?” For those not familiar with the Drupal project and our community, being immersed in DrupalCon DC – with some instruction – is the perfect way to find out more.

The Drupal Lunch will take place on Thursday, March 5. We’ll provide lunch and will charge $25 for attendance to recoup our costs.

The agenda for the lunch is:

  • Introduction to the Drupal project and community (15 min)
  • The making of a Drupal website in non geek speak (15 min)
  • Drupal in the hot seat (Q&A) (30 minutes)

Pass the word to everyone you know who should be there to save the date. Tickets for the lunch will go on sale soon - I'll post back here when you can buy them.

If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment here or shoot me an email: zack [at] chapter