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While typography is not specifically related to Drupal, it is a topic that is often treated stepmotherly by webdesigners. This session tries to give a basic introduction to typography in general and point out why it is important to respect some rules. It also shows you how you can achieve good typography and clear layout on web pages leveraging all kinds of technologies supported by modern browsers.


Konstantin Käfer

Even on the web typography is not a relic of the past but a very important factor in communication with the site visitor. Typography for the web is even a lot more difficult than for print design due to the limited tools available. However, there are still some ways to ensure a good typography.


  • Introduction to typography
  • Typography and the web
  • Layout and typography
  • Solutions for common issues
  • Using advanced techniques for better typography


You get to know various useful tricks for laying out web pages in a better and cleaner way. You'll also learn about various techniques to achieve a visually appealing web site typography.

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Konstantin Käfer is currently studying IT Systems Engineering in Potsdam, Germany. He also works as a consultant for NowPublic, a large citizen journalism website using Drupal. He joined the Drupal community as a Google Summer of Code Student in 2006.