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Theres different ways of creating your badass & unique theme in drupal, from the "hey just clean it up in the css", to the "ill rewrite the hole thing goddammit!" This session will focus on the middle way. by using the "best theming practices" throwing in your own cutting edge front end style, and mixing it up with a bit of hard work it will be alive


Morten Heide


  • style police - absolute style control
  • Tuning that motorcycle and the zen engine
  • no my way! - rewriting the stuff you want
  • building on the shoulders of giants
  • maintaining headaches & documentation
  • so can this be shared - and how ?


  • More power to the themers
  • Knowledge of how to combine frontend techniques
  • Ideas of how to overwrite bits and pieces of the phptemplate and why
  • Why you should not (only) use zen !


can't wait

attended "sex, drupal, and rock&roll" @ boston drupalcon... can't wait for another of your sessions.

I can't wait to see you speak Morten – You're a real entertainer