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The level of complexity in the Drupal administrative interface is increasing, as we are adding new features every core release and modules keep changing more we are faced with a lot of new challenges. We will take a look at what happened with the usability team and how we intend to move forward on all areas of drupal's user experience.


Bojhan Somers


This will be follow up on Usability Testing University of Baltimore.

Mostly Q/A of the session before

Interested in working on the usability of web applications? I will talk about how to approach more complex problems and how we are working on solving those kinds of problems in Drupal 7.

  • Open source design process
  • Usability of Drupal 7
  • Usability issue tricks


Everyone who works on web applications, websites or is interested in Drupal its usability. You don't need to be familiar with usability processes, but knowing Drupal's in and out's is a plus.


Don't Make me Think
Usability Testing in Baltimore
5 Challenges of Web Application Usability


I think Drupal's (lack of) usability is something that is worth being discussed. Not only core developers, but also contrib maintainers could learn a great deal from such a presentation. You got my vote!