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Creating Flex applications is a lot of fun. Media clients just love them, but what happens when a client continually asks you to change stuff and you constantly have to upload new Flash SWFs? The solution is to use the power of Drupal as a backend for Flex. Give users a drupal site they can go to update the content on their media site, or create completely dynamic applications that accomplish all tasks without the user ever knowing there is a Drupal backend.


Jonathan Rowny

We're going to start with a basic Drupal site and then walk through creating a basic Flex application, show a few real-world examples, and explain why this solution is better than all the rest.

We'll cover:

  • Installing Services and the AMFPHP module
  • Creating Content Types to be used with Flex
  • Writing a Flex application to utilize Drupal as a back end
  • Real world examples

Hopefully at the end of the presentation you'll be able to create a back end that a Flex developer can use to create an manageable media website, or an entire Flex application.