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Drupal is an amazing framework. Complicated websites and web applications can be created by combining configurations of Modules, Content Types (CCK,) Views, Panels, Menus, Blocks, Categories, Roles & Permissions. This site setup and configuration process is very time consuming and repetitive.

This process can and should be automated! Site configuration should also be stored in a format that is easy to read, modify, manage, & share. The Patterns Module is about solving these issues and more.


Chris Bryant

Join us for a presentation, demo and discussion of what the Patterns module ( is all about.


  • What is Patterns and why?
  • Current landscape for automating Drupal setup and configuration (Install Profiles, Macro, database merging, etc.)
  • Review module architecture
  • Look at Patterns configuration code examples
  • Demonstration of automated site setup
  • Discussion


You will come away from this session with a better understanding of the options available for automating Drupal setup and configuration. You will also learn how to use Patterns to save time and easily setup complex websites. Finally you will learn how to create your own patterns and get involved with improving the module.


Drupal project page:
Discussion group:


@qbnflaco, the videos are now posted as you can see in the previous comment. I've also uploaded the slides on Slide Share:

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information.

Unfortunately I couldn't take time off for drupalcon this year. I was really looking forward to this session. :-( I noticed there are lots of sessions already on Was this one also recorded? Also could you provide any slides you might have presented? I'm very excited to get building sites with patterns, but am looking for some good tips/best practices.



I'd love to discuss how patterns would fit perfectly with what we've already got developed. ie the ability to publish a site etc.. and then having customised a particular pattern.. could snapshot and republish it.

There's some info on what we're looking to do here -

I can't make it to drupalcon due to recent surgery, but happy to demo via web,
and discuss on skype.

Seems like an ideal match up, and if you have a working pattern or two we could use to demo, would be great.

I see the pattern as being the industrial engineering or "road", and what we offer is easy travel for non-technical users.

Hi Chris, I've just posted as well as It would be great to discuss in advance as I believe we're working on similar problems. The BOF could be a good place to lay everything out on the table and see what's on the different road maps.


Thanks for the link Ian. I'll check it out and would love to discuss further and collaborate before and at Drupalcon.

This sounds really intersting – I'm looking forward to this one