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Media Mover provides a unique tool set of tools for administrators who need media and file processing and storage. This session will focus on how to utilize Media Mover with external file sources for presentation on your Drupal site, file processing for web and archival purposes, and storage on foreign file systems.


Arthur Foelsche


  • Different media approaches with Drupal- why media and files are the same
  • Media Mover as a file handling tool kit
  • Linkages to external sources, including Amazon's S3, FTP, and Email
  • Distributed possibilities
  • Demo
  • Questions

Attendees will see complex file handling from multiple sources in action using Drupal as the front end. Attendees will understand various possibilities for integrating Media Mover with existing file/media solutions and where the Drupal file system is going.

URLs, configuration information and other materials will be made available.