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Drupal's taxonomy module supports a core component of information architecture for classifying content. Improvements to taxonomy module in Drupal 7, especially hook_taxonomy_term_load, will open up new opportunities for leveraging taxonomy in our sites. Taxonomy administration has also been given some UI and usability enhancements. This session will explain the purpose and usage of taxonomy module and some of the contributed modules that extend it.


Benjamin Doherty
Benjamin Melançon
Nathaniel Catchpole


  • Taxonomy concepts: a brief summary of taxonomy from information sciences,
  • Taxonomy.module features,
  • Taxonomy with CCK and Views,
  • Improvements in Drupal 7, hook_taxonomy_term_load and fields on terms (TBD),
  • UI enhancements for managing terms available in contributed modules,
  • Future developments


Participants will have a renewed understanding of the value of taxonomy, why it's a core Drupal module, and how they can use it in their projects. They'll also have a good overview of contributed modules that can make taxonomy an even more compelling feature of Drupal.


This session will be a basic, broad view of the landscape and taxonomy.module's place in it, so basic Drupal familiarity is the only requirement. The presentation may include topics related to actual PHP development, theming, content administration, data models, and information architecture.



Here's the blog post that was mentioned during the talk about how to dc terms to taxonomy vocabularies: