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Washington, DC is easy to get to from almost anywhere, with three airports, a train station, and more bus lines that we can count. Once you arrive, getting to the venue is cake. You can just hop on the metro and get off at the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center stop. Check out these directions to find out exactly how to get to DrupalCon.

By Air

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National Airport (DCA): This airport is just over the river from Washington, DC and is a quick trip into the city. To get to the venue just hop on the metro and take the yellow line to the Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center stop. That's it. It will cost $2.65 and a bit more during rush hour.

Dulles International Airport (IAD): Dulles is about 45 minutes outside of Washington, DC, and you can get into the city three different ways. You can take the 5A bus (schedule here) from the airport and ride it to the last stop, which will be right in front of the L'Enfant metro stop. Then hop on the metro and take the green or yellow line to Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center. The bus will cost $3.10 and the metro an extra $1.65. Another option is to take the Washington Flyer bus, which leaves every half hour and goes to the West Falls Church metro stop. From there, you can take the metro to the Convention Center. The bus takes about 20 to 30 minutes and costs $10 one-way, or $18 round-trip.

Another option is to take a shuttle, which leave every 15 minutes or so and drop off all passengers at their destination in whatever order makes sense. Sometimes the trip is an hour, sometimes it's three. It will cost about $25. The final option is to take a taxi, which will cost about $60 + tip (10%) and will take under an hour. If you're traveling in groups, this is a great option as fare will only increase by a few bucks for extra passengers.

Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI): BWI is about an hour outside of Washington, DC, however it often has the best airfare deals. From the airport, on weekdays you can take a MARC train into the city - take the Penn line and look for the platform sign pointing you towards Washington. Trains leave roughly every 30 minutes (schedule here). Take the train to Union Station. There you'll want to switch to the metro). Take the red line toward Shady Grove, get off at Gallery Place/Chinatown, and switch to the yellow/green line heading toward Greenbelt. The get off at the next stop. Shuttle and taxis are also available from the airport. Please know that MARC trains do not run on weekends, however you can take an Amtrak train to BWI airport, however it will be more expensive. You can also take the B30 Express bus, which goes directly to the Greenbelt metro station. From there, you can take the green line metro directly to the Convention Center. The bus costs $3.10 and takes about 45 minutes.

By Rail

Union Station: Trains from almost anywhere on the east coast are fast and often easier than flying. If you're traveling via an Amtrak, VRE, or MARC train, you'll come into Union Station. From here, you can get on the metro and take the red line towards Shady Grove. Get off at Gallery Place/Chinatown and transfer to the yellow or green line in the direction of Greenbelt. The next stop is Mt. Vernon Square/Convention Center. Taxis are also available and should be about $10. If you have a bit of time, follow the taxi signs to the main entrance and check out the view of the Capitol Building.

By Road

Bus Lines: If you're traveling from New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Boston, the most affordable option is probably a bus. A ton of cheap buses come to Washington, DC - most notably the Chinatown buses, which travel from Chinatown to Chinatown of major cities (just google Chinatown bus and your route to find one near you). These will drop you off 10-15 blocks from the venue, so you can either walk or hop in a cab for under $10. Also, check out some of the other bus lines (some of which supposedly have internet), like Bolt, Megabus, GoToBus, Vamoose, and Greyhound.