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Washington, DC is truly an international city. People from all over the world call it their home and tons of international visitors come every year. This makes it easy for international visitors to find out what they need to know – often in their native language – as most tourist information is available in many languages. It also gives DC a lot of character. It’s just as easy (and often easier) to find an Ethiopian or El Salvadoran restaurant as it is to find an American one.


Unfortunately traveling to the United States from abroad has gotten harder in recent years. Currently, citizens of 34 countries can enter the United States after applying online for authorization and with a valid passport.

This is a brand new requirement. You now must fill out this online form three days before you board. Please fill out the form now to make sure you don't have trouble at the airport. More details on this are here.

If you’re coming from abroad and aren’t from one of those countries, please contact us and we’ll see how you can get a visa.