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Site Building

This session will guide you through the steps necessary to build image, video, and audio into your sites, using Drupal 6 and a few important contributed modules.

Aaron Winborn is the author of Drupal Multimedia, a developer for Advomatic, and the creator and maintainer of several multimedia modules.


Aaron Winborn
Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
Arthur Foelsche


This session will give an overview of the Multimedia options available for Drupal, including for Images, Video, and Audio.



Drupal is an amazing framework. Complicated websites and web applications can be created by combining configurations of Modules, Content Types (CCK,) Views, Panels, Menus, Blocks, Categories, Roles & Permissions. This site setup and configuration process is very time consuming and repetitive.

This process can and should be automated! Site configuration should also be stored in a format that is easy to read, modify, manage, & share. The Patterns Module is about solving these issues and more.


Chris Bryant

Join us for a presentation, demo and discussion of what the Patterns module ( is all about.


  • What is Patterns and why?
  • Current landscape for automating Drupal setup and configuration (Install Profiles, Macro, database merging, etc.)
  • Review module architecture
  • Look at Patterns configuration code examples

We all LOVE Views, but one thing that is not easy to do with Views is to present results in the form of charts and graphs. Have you ever wanted to show a pie-chart of most common terms in your system? How about designing a multi-part report like the "big boys" do with just couple of clicks?

This presentation will talk about designing professional reports in Drupal using Views. The modules showcased in the presentation are authored by the presenters.


Frank Febbraro
Irakli Nadareishvili


  • Why Views Rocks
  • What's Missing From Views? Graphs and Charts
  • Your first Chart with Views
  • Multi-part reports
  • Drupal - a platform for professional business reporting.


Showcase the extensive possibilities of building professional-grade reports in Drupal and get the momentum going