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Search Engine Optimization is the art & technology of making a website "optimized" for consumption & indexing by search engines, thus resulting in better findability, increased & higher quality organic search traffic. Out of the box Drupal is well optimized, however there are many contributed modules and configuration best practices that improve SEO of Drupal Sites. SEO is a value added service that vendors & consultant can sell during the development phase of a project, or after launch.


Gregory Heller
Greg Knaddison
Ben Finklea


  • High Level Overview of SEO, and Out of the box Drupal Functionality
  • Top SEO related Drupal Modules
  • Drupal Configuration for SEO
  • Mistakes to Avoid


  • Understanding of Drupal Related SEO modules and Configuration Tips
  • Overview of developing an SEO Strategy (for your site, or for clients)
  • Tips on selling SEO