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While people are scrambling to get their sites and modules ported to Drupal 6, Drupal 7 development has been charging full speed ahead. This session will talk about the progress of Drupal 7 to date, revolutionary improvements to Drupal core's development process, what new changes you should be aware of, what improvements are coming down the pipe, and how anyone (yes, anyone) can help make Drupal 7 the most awesome release yet!


Angie Byron


  • New improvements in Drupal 7
    o For developers
    o For site builders
  • Improvements still in the works
  • Goals vs. Achievements
  • Revolutions in the Drupal 7 development process
  • Where to jump in


People should come away with a good understanding of what's in store for them in Drupal 7, as well as pointers on how to get involved.


Familiarity with Drupal will help understand some technobabble, but the material should be of interest to anyone without the need of resources.


Just me. :)


I'm not up with Drupal 7 yet. This session sounds great. Looking forward to it.

Going to have to get all this crazy JavaScript stuff in before March so you have crazy JavaScript UI stuff in core to show!

This looks to me like the most interesting session


This will be awesome!