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Making world class Drupal sites takes more than savvy design and good programming; it takes planning and great project management. We'll discuss general project management methodologies and tools as well as the Drupal-related specifics to help you scope, architect, and deliver beautifully built sites that make the most of Drupal.


Crystal Williams


* Why is Project Management Important?
* Adding Project Management to your Workflow (or improving what you have now)
* Overview of Tools

Drupal Specifics
* Scoping and Planning Drupal Projects
* Information Architecture for Drupal Sites
* Navigating the Open Source Community

Getting it Done
* Managing Difficult Clients (..and developers.... and designers...)
* When all doesn't go as planned
* Share your horror and success stories


Come away with a better grip on planning and managing Drupal projects. Bring 'em in on time, on budget, and avoid the surprises.


Frustration and tales of projects gone wrong will help you get the most out of this session, but no advance research needed.


Looking forward to this session, Crystal! If you could suggest any good books or authors, I'm all ears. I have a long flight there and back...