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You've signed up to be one of those hand waving people at the front of the room and your talk has been accepted. Congratulations! You have lots of things to say. Your module ROCKS! Your code is AWESOME. Your designs are SASSY. But your fear of presenting is also ... well ... a value larger than zero. Come learn how to transform your speaking experience from scary snarling dogs to kittens playing with yarn. (A longer pre-con workshop is also being planned.)


Emma Jane Hogbin


From competing in public speaking competitions, to teaching IT at community college, to delivering engaging and entertaining conference presentations, Emma Jane Hogbin (that's me) has a lot of experience in the art of talking. In this session you will learn some quick tips to help you with your own conference presentation. Specific topics will include:

  • Story time: entertain me; inspire me
  • Presentation styles: are you a Lessig or a Kawasaki?
  • Timing and structure: how to fill up 45 minutes (and how not to go over)
  • Presentation aids: your slides are for the audience, not for you to read
  • Actionable items: have an impact by sending the audience home with a task

For those who can make it to DC ahead of time we're working on a longer pre-con workshop. AND please ping me (emmajane) on IRC in #drupalcon for help before the conference.


By the end of this session you will know how to develop and deliver a presentation that engages and inspires your audience.

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