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Engage is a social media website run by PBS that brings together content and personalities from around the PBS universe. It contains an aggregator of PBS station and program blog postings, a jQuery powered live chat feature to allow users to ask questions of their favorite PBS personalities, and an interactive, geocoded gallery of PBS projects. Chapter Three's Matt Cheney will be joined by members of the PBS Engage team in this presentation.


Matt Cheney


This session will showcase the killer features of the PBS Engage social media website and will discuss some of the design and development decisions that went into crafting the site. Special attention will be paid to issues related to catering to the unique audience of PBS and the editorial needs of the PBS Engage team. There will be discussion - from members of the PBS Engage team - about how PBS is using Drupal and how it helps their organization.


Attendees will come away from the session with a set of general recipes for how to create similar functionality to those on PBS Engage and with an understanding of how a large organization - like PBS - can successfully use Drupal to further their organizational mission.


As a fun example of the live chat functionality, questions for this session will be taken over the PBS Engage live chat system. Please submit questions here: