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In Drupal, Organic Groups is what let's you have functionality similar to Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. In short, it lets you manage a group and all that you want to do with it - like send private and public messages, post public and private news, and interact with other members of your group with common social networking tools.


Moshe Weitzman

Organic Groups solves many common communications needs, like connecting geographically dispersed teams and creating niche online communities. In this session, I'll be talking about Organic Groups and where it's headed.


Moshe: You showed a woman-focused site during your talk (can't remember the url). On their front page, there was a two-column listing, grouping OGs. Could you share how that was done? Is it simply a taxonomy/views implementation--or is that from a module?


Hi tconway,

Though this doesn't answer your question, at least this gets the name of the web site in question into the discussion so that maybe someone else could answer if Mosh is too busy.