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So, your client has seen the light and is tossing out their old CMS in favor of Drupal. Their existing content, in the form of square pegs, needs to fit into nice round Drupal objects. How can this process be managed, and what tools are available to assist?


Mike Ryan
Moshe Weitzman


Cyrve discusses the workflow for migrating websites from other content management systems into Drupal, and tools to help with the job:

  • Analysis of source data in collaboration with the client
  • Matching the source data to Drupal objects and fields
  • Performing, and re-performing, the actual migration
  • Auditing the results
  • Making the final switch as seamless as possible


Attendees should leave with an understanding of migration process workflow. This session is intended to be complementary with pingVision's Data Importation: How to import enterprise level data session, which focuses on the technical issues.


Before DrupalCon, we plan on making a screencast available demonstrating some of the tools we use.


Mike Ryan and Moshe Weitzman of Cyrve.


this was the most important presentation of the entire human race.

and no video?


Please post the video if it's available. I would love to review over this and have some coworkers see it! Great presentation and great new contrib modules!

Is it available?