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jQuery is a state of the art JavaScript framework, that Drupal uses. jQuery focuses on extensibility, flexibility, terse code, and ease of use, all of which align very well with the goals of Drupal. This session will give an introductory view on this key part of the Drupal User Interface.


Dmitri Gaskin


  • jQuery: what and why?
  • Selectors: finding stuff
  • Traversals: traversing stuff
  • Manipulation: what do you expect?
  • Effects: ooh, pretty
  • Integration with Drupal, from the standpoint of a module builder.


People should come away from the session feeling like they can start the next Javascript-powered User Interface cliché.



This would be an awesome session - There are quite a few things I'd like to know about using jQuery within Drupal. Sometimes it seems easier to user jQuery to manipulate your DOM, instead of finding the appropriate way to theme using tpl.php or override functions. I've always wondered if this is ok, mainly because the site will break if javaScript is absent. Just one of the questions floating around in my head....