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Adam Bowman

3d Artist / Flash Developer / Photographer / Web Designer + Developer / Drupal site builder.

I live in Johnson City in upper east Tennessee and work in Kingsport, TN with an advertising agency - The Creative Trust (

I graduated in 2004 from East Tennessee State University with a BS degree in 3d Animation. Since then I've gotten more and more into web development, while still using my 3d and photography to generate content for sites.

I don't do any Drupal development as in building custom modules. Instead, I learn as much as possible about using blends of different modules and scripting packages to achieve desired results. I'm very interested in pushing my skills with jQuery, AHAH, AJAX, and flash + Drupal integration.

There isn't much of a Drupal community where I'm from, so this is a very exciting opportunity for me to get to talk with other folks who know what paths, views, and aliases are. I'm truly a Drupal island as far as I know.

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