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This session will move from GIS concepts to Drupal GIS practice. We will talk about the principles of storing, organizing, and searching geodata, the practical usage of geodata in Drupal applications, and how geographic functionalities are implemented by existing Drupal modules.


Allie Micka
Brandon Bergren
Jim Craner


  • With the advent of new geographic/mapping modules and tools, Drupal is increasingly effective at allowing users to associate their content with specific geographic locations and create compelling maps that display this association. We will discuss what types of problems can be solved by talking about information in terms of geography.
  • The Geo-Drupal contrib space is fragmented, with a lot of modules that partially address geographic needs. How do existing modules fulfill the expectations for geographic capabilities? What needs are not addressed? Which concepts would be more useful as a unified framework?
  • In practice: what are the technical barriers to talking about geographic data? How can we take advantage of shared data, and share our own? We will talk practically about using geodata in our Drupal applications, and discuss a variety of approaches to building Drupal applications that utilize geodata.


The goal of this session is to present methods for utilising geodata in with existing tools. We also want to provide fuel for a discussion about building a geo- contrib space that is both more coherent and more powerful. We're eager to co-present with other community members working on GIS related modules.



The PostgreSQL and its add-on, postgis is interesting because the database and its indexes allow calculations for distance, length, intersection, nearby POI, search content within a shapefile... can you give more examples and if they are possible in Drupal? Above the surface of earth or below it? Maybe a list of modules and why they answer GIS concepts. Im available to help in any way.

The Geo API provides a pluggable backend for OpenGIS geospatial data types. It supports PostGIS and MySQL Spatial extensions. It also supports importing Shapefiles and using them for CCK fields and Views.

Hope you can make it!

"building a geo contrib space"

What does this look like today? Can you give a bit more detail please.