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I like this one! I hope commenting is the way to vote; the instructions are not clear... if so, maybe I should post something controversial here to get other people to comment. Commenting is not the same as voting: discuss.

Great design

This one gets my thumbs-up: it's a winner in many regards. There's been attention given to detail, with things like the 'western-style' font, the 'brick' texture patterning, and the postage stamp border. But at the end of the day, I was looking for a T-shirt with a witty one-liner on it, and "In Open Source We Trust" certainly made me smile when I read it. I thought the DC takeover one was the funniest, but I voted for this one instead, because it's got a catchy phrase on it (rather than just a freaky independence-day-esque picture), and because it's appropriate for the whole "DC theme".

vote by click the VOTE button on the green bar above the design.

I've tried two browsers, but I see no Vote button.