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This session will address the decision points involved in developing and deploying Drupal for maximum efficiency. We'll discuss tools, techniques, and architectures make to make the best use of your time and money. Novel approaches to common efficiency challenges in development and deployment will be demonstrated.


Scott Mattoon
Eric Reid


Efficiency challenges for Developers:

  • Coding, Testing Analyzing, Tuning, Collaborating

Efficiency challenges for Deployers:

  • Installing, Virtualizing, Securing, Scaling, Automating


A basic goal of this session is to build awareness of the open source technologies available from Sun, and how to apply them to the range of efficiency needs of developers and deployers. Attendees will learn about relevant features and techniques using NetBeans, VirtualBox, and OpenSolaris features ZFS, Zones, SMF, DTrace, and the integrated AMP stack Webstack.




This session proposal has been modified from the original to be slightly less esoteric and more focused on specifically what Sun (conference sponsor) has to offer to Drupal developers and deployers.