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Moving Drupal to a server cloud enables you to flexibly and dynamically scale your hardware up and back down at a fraction the cost of traditional hosting, but the techniques are not without challenges. This session will cover the process and preparations for setting up and deploying Drupal at AWS and describe strategies for scaling these installations.


Frank Febbraro
Eric Johnson

This session is geared toward site architects and developers, those responsible for deploying and managing Drupal sites.


In addition to Q&A, the topics covered are expected to include:

  • Overview of the AWS platform (S3 and EC2) and service providers
  • Deploying your first instance
  • Configuring and tailoring your deployment
  • Scaling up (and down)
  • Avoiding catastrophe!!! And the value of backups.
  • Best practices learned from real instances.

Take Away

Architects and developers responsible for deploying and managing Drupal sites will come away inspired to put data on the cloud. You will be able to rest easier not worrying about handling peak loads and heavy traffic. We can't do anything about the gremlins though.


Eric Johnson - Case Foundation

Frank Febbraro and Eric Johnson from Phase2 Technology